EZO SuperWallet

All-in-One Financial Solution

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*Only available after proper licensing is acquired

EZO SuperWallet centralizes all EZO services in one place

All of EZO’s services will be integrated within the EZO SuperWallet.

Manage banking, payments and investments all in one place, thereby eliminating the need for multiple financial apps.

Quick and Easy Onboarding
Individuals and businesses can autonomously onboard themselves into the EZO ecosystem within 15 minutes using just a smartphone or a computer.
Deposit and Withdrawals
Seamlessly deposit and withdraw funds to and from traditional banks and/or cryptocurrencies.
Manage all EZO Services in one place
The EZO SuperWallet organizes EZO Swap, Pay, Earn and Business in one place.
Multi-Device Support
Easily access and manage your account offline or online using a phone, tablet, computer or laptop.


Answers to some questions you may have
What are the key products included in the EZO Superwallet ecosystem?

The EZO Superwallet integrates EZO Swap, EZO Pay, and EZO Earn, offering users a comprehensive suite of financial products for banking, payments, and investments within a single platform.

How can users access and manage the EZO Superwallet?

Users can conveniently access and manage the EZO Superwallet on their mobile devices, computers, or through physical NFC tags or cards obtained at EZO locations, enabling seamless usage in both online and offline

Does the EZO Superwallet support universal standards for international transactions?

Yes, the EZO Superwallet leverages universal standards present at international points of sale, allowing users to conduct transactions globally with any currency, including traditional