EZO Business

Integrated Day-to-Day Business Solutions

*Only available after proper licensing is acquired

Easily manage your business from anywhere at anytime using any device

EZO Business is a specialized account tailored for businesses, providing a range of tools and features to streamline financial operations.

With EZO Business, users can manage their business locations, utilize Point of Sale (PoS) software for in-person transactions, process payments online, and efficiently pay business bills, all within a single platform.

Quick and Easy Onboarding
Within 15 minutes, businesses can register and start processing payments internationally without any tedious onboarding processes using just a smartphone or computer.
Digital Currency Conversion
Choose in what currency you get paid. Whatever the customer pays you with, you can now change it in whatever currencies you like. Customer paying you in fiat and you want crypto? We got you covered.
Integrated POS: Software and Hardware
Run your business with modern hardware that fits your needs while using our state of the art PoS software on any device of your choice.
Offline Accessibility
EZO Business works without an internet connection, allowing rural businesses to work without requiring an internet connection.


Answers to some questions you may have
Can EZO Business support transactions in multiple currencies?

Yes, EZO Business offers robust multi-currency support, allowing businesses to conduct transactions in various currencies to cater to global operations and diverse customer preferences.

How does EZO Business ensure the security of offline payments?

EZO Business prioritizes security by implementing advanced encryption and security measures to safeguard offline transactions, ensuring that payments can be processed securely even without an internet connection.

Can EZO Business help businesses manage inventory across multiple locations?

Absolutely, EZO Business provides cross-location inventory management capabilities, enabling businesses to oversee and track inventory levels seamlessly across different locations for efficient stock control and inventory optimization.