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Pay whenever, wherever, with any currency

EZO Pay provides a hassle-free payment experience where you can send, receive and pay bills online and offline from anywhere in the world with the currency of your choice.

EZO Pay is a local and international payment revolution, allowing payments with the device you want.

Local Payments
Send and receive money from friends and family, while also automating your bill payments so you never miss a payment.
International Transfers made easy
Send, receive and utilize international funds within 15 seconds.
Full Device and Currency Autonomy
Pay how you want, with what you want, wherever you want with a wide range of eligible devices and currencies.
Shop In-Person, Online or Offline
EZO offers a unique solution to allow in person, online and offline purchases for rural individuals and businesses eliminating the need for an internet connection.


Answers to some questions you may have
How does EZO Pay simplify the process of making payments both online and offline?

EZO Pay offers a seamless payment experience by integrating with international point-of-sale systems and online gateways. Whether you're shopping online or making in-store purchases, EZO Pay allows you to transact with ease using your smartphone or physical card.

Can I use EZO Pay to make cross-border payments without incurring high fees?

EZO Pay enables cost-effective cross-border payments by leveraging blockchain technology and universal payment norms. Say goodbye to excessive fees and lengthy processing times – with EZO Pay, sending money abroad is quick, easy, and affordable.

What options does EZO Pay provide for users without smartphones or internet access?

EZO Pay caters to users without smartphones or internet access by offering NFC tags or physical cards for making payments. With EZO Pay, financial inclusivity is a priority, ensuring that everyone can benefit from convenient and secure payment solutions.